• Retail Fabrication

With retail design being at the foundation of Stewart-Schafer’s portfolio, we work with a network of artisans and vendors across the globe to create timeless and custom furnishings and fixtures for retail spaces. From fully customizable mirrors, to seating, storage, tables, lighting, and more, Stewart-Schafer’s talented design team can create any piece of furnishing tailored to meet each brand’s specific needs. Stewart-Schafer and their invaluable team of material vendors, fabricators, and distributors work together to create the highest-quality pieces with ingenious design. Their fully customizable furnishings highlight the beauty of simplicity with clean lines and luxe materials, beautifully elevating each designer’s product and offerings. The firm’s ability to produce exceptional bespoke pieces offers a distinct advantage when designing retail spaces, providing clients with truly unique and one-of-a-kind environments. Each piece is carefully handmade with a keen attention to detail and well-engineered to last a lifetime.